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REVIEW// ALLO MATE - Live at Rich Mix (KB Headliner)

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I recently attended 'Allo Mate Live' at Rich Mix (London,UK) in which KB, real name Kevin Burgess, a hip-hop artist based out of Tampa, Florida USA.  Supporting artist on the night were, 'Joshua Like Smith', 'NoNameDisciple', 'Karl Lokko' and 'Guvna B'. 

This show was not like any other show I have attended and the supporting artist all seemed to have given their all.  Joshua Luke Smith, stirred up emotions within one of my team and brought them to tears with one of his impactful poems, whilst Guvna B gave everyone a fantastic mini explosion of what was to come for his upcoming headline show. Nevertheless, I want to talk about KB, as he was the person who most people had come to see.

When KB came out and started to perform, it felt as if he just came out of his prayer closet. You could feel God’s presence in the building.  He opened with “Tempo” which is a song from his current album “Today We Rebel” and then went on to perform his other songs such as “Not Today Satan” and one of my favourites, “New Portrait”.  He also performed songs from his previous album, "Tomorrow We Live" such as, “Crowns and Thorns (Oceans)” and “I Believe”. 

The banger for the night was of course when he performed his latest hit single “No Chains” and the show went in to another gear.  

At times I found it hard to even take a picture as I just wanted to absorb God’s presence in the room, even his DJ was worshipping God! 

His performance was not about him, it was about God and if that was KB’s aim, in my opinion, this was achieved.  I left the show wanting to receive more. 

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June 2018 - By DJ Cass C

REVIEW// ALLO MATE - Live at o2 Academy2 Islington (Melvillous Headliner)

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I attended ‘Allo Mate Live’ at the O2 Academy in Islington (UK) in which 'Melvillous' was the headline act. Supporting artist on the night were 'namesbliss' and 'Happi'.

The first artist to grace the stage was namesbliss who was a big surprise for me, as that was the first time I had seen him perform. He had his followers in the crowd who knew his songs word for word but I’m sure he gained a lot more followers that day, as his performance was explosive!

Next up was Happi, whose performance was faultless. He interacted with the crowd and even did his instrumental live on stage. He was very entertaining and had great stage presence.  Both supporting artist helped set the atmosphere for the headlining artist, 'Melvillous', to follow.

For those new to Melvillous, this show confirmed that there is no doubt that he is extremely talented.  Offstage he is a humble young man but when he holds a microphone and opens his mouth, his words are piercing, he commands the stage and gives his followers exactly what they want to hear - 100% and some!  

He started his performance with his single "Best Believe" which had the crowd fired up. He then went on the perform one of my favourite songs "Dank" which is from his current EP "No Choice" which sent the crowd roaring, making the DJ having to restart the song.  He continued to perform other songs from this EP as well as songs from his previous EP entitled "Local EP".  I lost count of the amount of times he had to restart his songs as the crowd were hungry for more, each time he leaped into another track!

"Pray and Pattern" was another one of the crowds favourites and mellowed the atmosphere in the building. However, Melvillous soon shifted back up the gears and eventually ended the show with an exhilarating performance bringing other MC’s onstage with him who all freestyled in spectacular fashion.

Those that came to see Melvillous’s performance, seem to have not been disappointed.  Considering it was his first headline show, you could appreciate and see that he put an immense amount of work and preparation in order give his audience a valid and enjoyable experience. He was full of energy, vitality, confident and consistently hyped the crowd up.

Like everyone, he definitely has room to develop his performances even further, but I am sure that will come with time and experience as he grows as an artist.

You can find out more about Melvillous via his social media such as Instagram and Twitter.

Also you can get latest EP ‘No Choice’ on iTunes.

To find out more about Allo Mate Live visit:

JULY 2018 - DJ Cass C









Zoe Nites provided an exciting ,fun, action packed evening with a diverse line up at the Water Margin in the O2 Arena.


Hosted by Jermaine Dallas, artist on the night was Icie, Melvillous, Tneek, Unique Creation, Asha Elia and Olaedo Ibe.  Each artist performed around three songs each.


The venue was set out with a few tables and chairs which created an inviting and chilled out atmosphere.  This helped everyone who attended to feel relaxed and mingle. During each artist performance, people were either standing or sitting.


Some members of the audience also had the opportunity to talk to some of the artist themselves, which also shows how open and friendly the environment was.


Mid way through the main artist performances, Zoe Nites had an open mic session giving some audience members a chance to showcase their raw talent.


Overall, Zoe Nites provided a great night out and I’m already looking forward to next event.


Well done Zoe Nites!


To find out more about Zoe Nites and any of their upcoming events follow them:





August 2018 - DJ Cass C 

REVIEW// ZOE NITES - The O2 Arena, London (Water Margin)

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