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A Multi-Talented DJ & Radio Presenter

Born in North London, I was raised in a multi-cultural environment where I was exposed to different sounds of music from the UK and around the world. 


Having this love for music, at the age of 6, I joined my schools steel band and then progressed to become a member of a larger band. Whilst in these band’s, I took part in competitions such as Panorama, as well as playing at events around the UK and Europe. 

Inspired by a combination of my visits to the Caribbean with my father, playing musical instruments, listening to music, watching street dance and listening to sound systems, I saw and experienced the impact music had on people. This led me to start DJ-ing from the age of 13 under the direction of my uncle playing and learning DJ skills in his home.


I soon became part of an all female DJ sound system named LadyForce, who played music such as RnB, Hip Hop, Reggae, Jungle and Dancehall at gigs in many venues and events all around the UK.

Later in life, and with the influence of Christianity within my family home, I decided to make a commitment to God.  This commitment gave me a different view and understanding of how music connects with people.  

Still having a passion to DJ and entertain people, I decided to play music that has a positive influence on people regardless of the genre. 

I regularly conduct music reviews from current artists, up and coming artists, concerts & show reviews, events and album releases. 

Currently I am a resident DJ & Presenter on Ruach Radio in London, UK. 

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